• Becky's Garden Shoppe

    7 monthes ago - By Diane Mannion

    Becky's Garden Shoppe, sketchbook watercolor, DMannion
    Becky's Green Thumb
    Day 16 of 30/30
    Visited a new shop and garden center opened by my friend, Master Gardener Becky. Colorful and creative, her place rocks! Fun to visit, buy plants and much more, from crafts to art. 6450 Elliott Street, Punta Gorda, FL Open Tues-Sat 8-4.
    This sketch was tough! Not easy to simplify, but wanted to show the front of the shop. Becky didn't hold still long enough to pose, so had to use visual memory. A lot more to paint there, can't wait to go back!
    DAY 16 of Strada Easel 30 Day Challenge, Leslie Saeta's...
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