• The Best Caucasian Burrito Recipe In The World!

    24 days ago - By Sweattshop Graphic Artist

    The Best Caucasian Burritos in the world, only a comic book artist could create! Free recipe by
    This recipe is for meat lovers only. Vegan's feel free to experiment at your leisure and let me know if a substitute can be found.
    You will need an omnivore to confirm your results.Cooking and preparation take about 45 minutes. This ain't yo mamma's burrito recipe!
    Large tortillas! 20 count. Tortillas are toasted over flame or electric grills. Not doing this robs your burrito of its true flavor.
    Rosarita Refried Beans: 3 cans Hotlinks: 3 linksHamburger 2.5lbs: 70%-85% lean
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