• Sinan Books / Wutopia Lab

    9 monthes ago - By Arch Daily

    © CreatAR Images
    Architects: Wutopia Lab
    Location: 517 Fuxing Middle Road, Shanghai, China
    Architect In Charge: Ting Yu
    Project Architect: Yuchen Guo, Shengrui Pu
    Area: 640.0 m2
    Photographs: CreatAR Images
    Lighting Design: Chloe Zhang
    Interior Design: Yuchen Guo
    Fire Safety Design: Shanghai Security Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd
    Mechanical System: Shanghai yan qi electromechanical equipment Engineering co. LTD
    Construction: Shanghai Zhuzong Group Construction Development Co. Ltd
    Furniture: Shanghai shebao furniture co. LTD
    Client: Shanghai book co., LTD, Sinan Books Branch
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  • Early Education Center Near the Horse Farm / L&M Design Lab

    Early Education Center Near the Horse Farm / L&M Design Lab

    9 monthes ago - By Arch Daily

    Inner side for storage. Image © Pengcheng Yang
    Architects: L&M Design Lab
    Location: 1 Xie He Lu, Changning, Shanghai, China
    Lead Architects: Jinrui Liu, Qiong Feng
    Project Manager: Lan Guo
    Design Team: Mingxi Zou, Su Zhang, Haosheng Zhang, Endong Zhang, Xinyu Jiao, Yingyi Zhang, Qian Guo
    Area: 560.0 m2
    Project Year: 2018
    Photographs: Pengcheng Yang
    Construction Drawing Design: Wuyi Lai
    Construction: Shanghai Liangchao Engineering Decoration Co., Ltd.
    Furniture: Shanghai Zhiyi Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Client: Feiyu Baby early education center
    Entrance facade. Image © Pengcheng Yang
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