• Drawing Now 2017

    5 monthes ago - By Paul Pagk

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  • "To Draw Like Da Vinci"

    "To Draw Like Da Vinci"

    5 monthes ago - By Marsha Hamby Savage Art

    "Roses & Blue Vase"
    Graphite 20"x16"
    Do you draw? Do you play? Do you make mistakes? Do you have favorite quotes?
    A Couple of Favorite Quotes
    To draw like Da Vinci, you need to follow his advice. “Train your visual mind to understand the shapes of forms and spaces, to recognize angles and directions of lines, to appreciate proportion, to understand perspective, to recognize gradations in tone and, above all, to be inspired by imagination. Without these, all the technical skills in the world will not produce a work of art.”
    And this one I keep by my easel!
    “If you aren't willing to make...
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