• On The Stands: MAD 1!!

    One year ago - By Tom Richmond

    In comic books shops now, in subscriber mailboxes and via digital format TBD, on news stands everywhere tomorrow!
    Cover -
    Star Bores: Half-Assed Jedi
    A MAD Look at Harassment (Sergio Aragonés, Colors: Carrie Strachan)
    Make America Greet Again
    Spy vs Spy
    The Wisenheim Museum
    Potrzebie Comics
    It's Bring Your Sidekick to Work Day!
    The 27 Club
    Boonies, Burbs and Burgs
    MAD's Movie Mogul Guide
    Pop Culture that Didn't Make it into Ready Player One
    Starchie Reconstituted/Riverdull
    Movies We'd Like to See
    Shorts & Briefs (Dan Telfer, Alejandro Rivas, Michael C. Falk, Paula...
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