• Charcoal Figure Studies

    5 monthes ago - By Diana Moses Botkin

    It was so good to be able to attend sessions with live models during my travels this winter. Those brave souls who pose for us to study are part of the process of learning and growing as an artist.
    It's not an easy job, holding still long enough for a drawing to be made. And the models who return to the same pose after breaks I especially admire.
    All I can say is, they are either able to rise above the pain of being in the same position for long periods of time, or they are especially blessed with super powers of rest.
    Here are a few more charcoal and chalk drawings to share with you, from...
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  • Study, study, study

    Study, study, study

    5 monthes ago - By Sandy Byers

    5x7 pastel on paper
    It has become acutely obvious to me that in this profession of fine art, one never, ever, quits learning. Even though most of us are born with the ability to see, it is only through multitudes of studies that an artist truly learns the skill of seeing what is needed in the field of fine arts.
    5x7 oil on panel
    So, how does one study? It is likely you would get a different answer for every artist who is asked this question. My answer is that there is no substitute for time spent at the easel; whether it be en plein aire or in the studio, practice is the essence of...
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