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    © Yijie Hu
    Architects: HDD
    Location: Shanghai, China
    Lead Architects: Hai'ao Zhang,Hang Xu
    Design Team: Shanghai Huadu architecture & Urban planning co., ltd.
    Structure Team: Guoxun Wang
    Pet Specialist: Xiaotian Duan
    Architecture Animation: Shenncity
    Illustration Drawing: Xiaoha Zhang
    Area: 48.0 m2
    Project Year: 2018
    Photographs: Yijie Hu , Shengliang Su
    © Shengliang Su
    Background of the project
    The project is located in Pudong, Shanghai. It is the basement of a typical Shanghai old mansion in the 90's. It has all the typical features of Shanghai's “Old and Small”. In addition to the two...
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