• Bronx Garden Painters 2018

    8 monthes ago - By Gurney Journey

    The Bronx Garden Painters met at the New York Botanical Gardens Third Annual Plein-Air Invitational last weekend, including Lisa Mitchell , Samantha Dion Baker , Janice Kirsh , Brad Marshall , Elissa Gore , Christopher Magadini , Stephen Doherty , Noel Darvie , me, model Mary Alice Ladd , Frank Guida, Jeanette, Denise Dumont, Susan Weintraub , Marsha Varriano, Ricky Mujica , Michael Budden , Garin Baker, Paul Bachem , John Varriano and Jason Das. Not shown, Elienne Basa. Photo by Ben Hider.
    I shot video of my painting, and will share the painting and the video whenever I get to editing it.
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