• Instagram January

    3 years ago - By Harriet Alice Fox

    Say What?!Yes I am sooo late with things this year. My gosh.
    1. Sisters - Spending some quality time over the Christmas Break with my little sis who is always up for a photo opportunity.2. Sketchbook Sunday painting practising my faces.
    3. It Snowed, I love a little bit of Snow.4. My Neighbour Seki, one of my favourite manga / anime, one version is Japanese that I picked up in Japan and the other English.
    5. Glamorous portrait6. Pocahontas Sketchbook Sunday
    7. Tombraider Sketchbook Sunday8. More Tombraider Sketchbook Sunday
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  • Instagram February

    Instagram February

    3 years ago - By Harriet Alice Fox

    1. February marked my 28th Birthday YUK. But on the plus side that means no work and breakfast nutella/raspberry pancakes in bed with tea.2. It also means Moby gets to have a lot of fun with wrapping and boxes.
    3. Wall-e, a birthday gift from Tommy. Built out of Lego.4. Jelly Love painting.
    5. I went to see Deadpool with Tommy and it was FUN!6. I added new items to my Redbubble shop including doughnuts .
    7 & 8. I did quite a bit of painting with my brush ink pens and watercolours that my parents bought me for my Birthday.
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