• Duck duck at Laguna Art-A-Fair

    6 monthes ago - By David Teter Art

    "Duck Duck 1" oil on panel, 2016 5" x 7"
    Here is a new work for Laguna Art-A-Fair .
    The worlds largest rubber duck and her duckling when it visited the Los Angeles Port in 2014.
    If you know my work you might wonder, a rubber duck? Well yeah, if it's 61 feet tall, weighs 11 tons and sits in the Los Angeles Harbor. It's a no-brainer! And it's a nice complement to what may be The Worlds Largest Pumpkin, "Smilin' Jack" , which I also painted.
    Fun industrial.
    Suitable for all ages.
    I-N-D-U-S-T-R-I-A-L !
    Have a newborn? Duck Duck is perfect for the new nursery!
    Have a 5 year old? Smilin' Jack...
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