• Using a Grid to Sketch Small Studies and Improve Drawing Skills

    5 monthes ago - By Belinda del Pesco

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    It's a New Month Happy January! Hopefully, in between holiday clean up, and taking stock of the year from the rear view mirror, you're also swinging a telescope forward to anticipate the future heft of art supplies in your hands, right? There are work surfaces to clear, and pigments to sort, and sketch pads to flip through while reflecting on the creative goals imagined for the year ahead of us, yes? I'm practically jumping up and down with relief at the thought of getting back to work. I crave the comfort in the familiar...
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  • New Year Studio Clean Out

    New Year Studio Clean Out

    5 monthes ago - By Nancy Colella Simply Painting

    Over the weekend, I did my annual New Year Studio Clean Out.I threw away all stiff brushes, dried up paint,pens that don't write....you name it.
    It's fun to finally have everything where I can find it.
    When I started, I had a list of supplies to order on line. After I finished cleaning out closets, cupboards and drawers; I realized I didn't need a thing!
    Next Up:;
    Totaling the year's income and expenses.
    Launching the new website/blog.
    I'm working on a group of paintings at the same time.
    None are ready for posting.
    Stay tuned.
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