• Tika

    One year ago - By Rita Kirkman

    "Tika" sold
    Tika is the beloved pet sheep of a good friend. Tika was Kaye's first sheep, which she bottle-fed by hand and raised with affection. Having met Tika enough times to have an abundance of photos, I can attest to her friendly nature
    Kaye also has Longhorn cattle, Boer goats and Pigmy goats. I've painted quite a few of her animals over the years (many paintings of which are now in Kaye's extensive art collection!) Here are some that I recall while browsing through my image files:
    "Gable" "Gracie" "Lilbit" "Sesame"
    "Patches" "Dry Bath"
    "Safety Zone" "Lunch al Fresco" Btw, I just...
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