• Łukasz Wodyński born in Bydgoszcz is a Polish

    3 years ago - By Cross Connect Magazine

    Crossconnectmag :
    Łukasz Wodyński born in Bydgoszcz is a Polish artist painter who creates using both media painting, drawing and multimedia techniques. Also performs LIVE ACTS (interdisciplinary projects / a synthesis of theater, performance and visual arts). He centers around a man and his existence.

    Wodyński focuses on the forms of both human body and that of a painting. Great many of his works look at art nude from an innovative perspective. On the realistic in its form drawing the artist usually puts thick streaks of paint in order to build a multilayered and thus prodigiously...
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  • This Newborn Bunny in a Sock is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

    This Newborn Bunny in a Sock is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

    3 years ago - By 500px

    There are millions of photos on the Internet that can easily get you inspired, excited, shocked, or bring you to a place of deep thought, but there are only a few that can truly make your day. For us, it's baby animals—and we know they're your weakness too! So when we came across these adorable baby rabbit portraits captured by 500px community member Monsieur Arefin , we knew we had to share them with you immediately. Plus, don't you agree that baby animals and cozy socks are a cute combination? In honor of Easter, we dare you to scroll down, take a look, and not feel your heart melt into...
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  • 20 Creative Photos of Eggs that Will Make You Giggle

    20 Creative Photos of Eggs that Will Make You Giggle

    3 years ago - By 500px

    Happy Easter Sunday! Going on an Easter Egg hunt today? Watch out for these crazy eggs. They're breaking bad! For a good laugh, scroll down to see the most insane, funny, and weird images of eggs that we spotted on 500px — thanks to the creativity of these photographers in our community.
    1. Go home, egg. You are drunk.

    Eggs life by Lorenzo Albanese on 500px

    2. This egg broke free.
    The Great Escape by Shari Vincent on 500px

    3. This egg is getting some action.

    ri-creazione by enzo farina on 500px

    4. Can someone put this egg back together again?

    Egg's Death by Joaquin Rdz...
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  • More News on My April Misfits Solo Exhibition at the Torpedo Factory in Waterfront Alexandria, Virginia

    More News on My April Misfits Solo Exhibition at the Torpedo Factory in Waterfront Alexandria, Virginia

    3 years ago - By Teresa Oaxaca

    Its getting to be that exciting time of year for the working artist when a lot of work gets polished up, framed, photographed and finally debuted to the public. Being a working artist can mean a lot of different things. For some it involves taking on varying amounts of commissioned works, such as portraiture or perhaps public murals or sculpture. For others a part time job unrelated to the making of artwork may be involved, or perhaps a teaching position at a University or Atelier. Others devote long and perhaps solitary hours to studio work, perhaps coming up to breathe for an exhibition...
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  • Albert Handell Mentoring Program Report

    Albert Handell Mentoring Program Report

    3 years ago - By Michael Chesley Johnson

    Albert Handell discusses his painting process Some of our scenery for the week
    Master painter Albert Handell returned to Sedona, Arizona, this past week to conduct another in a very popular series of mentoring workshops for landscape painters. I've had the honor of assisting him in three of these programs, which cover not just advanced painting topics, both studio and en plein air, but also career-building advice. This is a very useful program for painters desiring to jump to the next level in their painting and also for those interested in pursuing galleries and collectors.
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  • "Deep Seated" by Dome in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

    "Deep Seated" by Dome in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

    3 years ago - By Street Art News

    Dome recently travelled to the island of Cyprus where he painted a large mural for the Ayia Napa Street Art Festival.
    In 1995, Christian Krämer began to study spray painting. By the 2000s he was participated in exhibitions. In the beginning of his artistic career Krämer used a large color pallet, but since 2012 his work has been monochrome. Krämer's style has been classified as avant-garde, as he combines realistic and surreal elements
    Entitled "Deep Seated", the piece features some of Dome signature imagery which we got to recognize and love over the years.
    More images are awaiting for...
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  • Big magic

    Big magic

    3 years ago - By Art and Music

    Shattered. 32 x 29. Mixed media on paper
    "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert is a book I should have read two years ago.
    Two years ago, much in my life was upset and my creative energy leaked out. Two years ago, I felt empty. I also felt desperate to get back what was lost. I tried to go back to old ideas and disciplines that used to get me going artistically, but what used to work, no longer did.
    It's possible that Gilbert's book would not have resonated with me two years ago. The frantic chatter in my head could have drowned out Gilbert's quietly insistent words.
    I hear it now:
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  • After the Resurrection - Jesus as a Gardener - Noli Me Tangere

    After the Resurrection - Jesus as a Gardener - Noli Me Tangere

    3 years ago - By It's About Time

    Noli me tangere, meaning "touch me not" is the Latin version of words spoken, according to John 20:17, by Jesus to Mary Magdalene, when she recognized him after his Easter resurrection. The story relates that Mary Magdalene, alone, goes to the tomb to anoint the body of her teacher and prepare it for burial. As she finds the tomb empty, flanked by two angels , she breaks down, imploring to be told where the body has been taken. She turns around, and Jesus is standing behind her, but she does not recognize him. The text reads, "supposing him to be the gardener..." she answers his question...
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