• A Digital Love Story: Process

    5 monthes ago - By Muddy Colors

    Ahh digital. How I love thee. Though you don't have the tactile feel of real paint, your forgiving un-do and layered personality make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    Now I know at times I chastise you because there are much fewer originals with my signature on them than before we met. But I also know you've made me a better person... er.. I mean artist.
    Beyond the ginormous time saver you have been since day one, you also allowed me to take MASSIVE risks with my work. You made me feel safe and secure and convinced me that I could leap off cliffs and land safely. (Except for those few times...
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    5 monthes ago - By J. Frederick Art

    I'm not sure that this painting really expresses my feelings, but I know I was feeling loss when I painted this one. I took the photo reference at a lovely little lake in Denver near the home of my sister-in-law and her beloved husband, Ron. We took a nature walk around the lake in Ron's honor, the morning after he passed away from cancer. It was one of his favorite places. They had become avid bird watchers and this lake provides a huge variety of birds to watch including this American avocet. Ron was a very sweet and gentle soul and he is deeply missed by everyone who loved him.
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