• Sketches of Youngsanjae Ritual at Bongwonsa Temple, Seoul

    9 monthes ago - By Urban Sketchers

    The colorful scene of Youngsanjae Ritual ceremony, pen and watercolor, / 400 years old zelkova tree in front of the 3000 Buddhas Hall near the entrance to the temple, pen and watercolor, / the beginning of the ceremony, pen and watercolor, a monk is playing the drum in ritual ceremony, pen and watercolor, a scene in the process of Meal Offering ceremony, pen and watercolor, performance of the traditional Buddhist music, pencil and watercolor, colorful Buddhist dance with monks and Youngsanjae preserver group, pen and watercolor, the area for dead to rest in peace on the 2nd floor of the...
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  • Sketches about Youngsanjae Ritual at Bongwonsa

    Sketches about Youngsanjae Ritual at Bongwonsa

    9 monthes ago - By Seoul Urban Sketchers

    A monk enters with a big red parasol for the ritual. I guessed it would symbolize that such parasol might have been used for the Buddha preaching at Youngchisan
    Several musicians followed playing traditional musical instruments.
    There gathered lots of photographers.
    Monks from foreign countries participated. I could see they put cold towels on their heads.
    Blue, yellow, red, white, and green long stripes were hung over.
    I drew in front of main temple building.
    Traditional music with drums, bamboo pipes, taepyoungso added exciting energy during the ritual with flying placards.
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