• Incredible New Camera Can Capture Neurons and Shockwaves at 1 Trillion Frames Per Second

    1 month ago - By Peta Pixel

    We crossed the 1 trillion frames-per-second barrier a while back , but a group of Caltech scientists just made another leap. Their new camera doesn't just shoot up to 1 trillion fps, it can do it while capturing transparent objects like neurons and invisible phenomena like shockwaves.
    The camera does something called phase-sensitive compressed ultrafast photography , which combines a previous breakthrough that allowed for 1 trillion fps photography with a 100-year-old photographic technique called phase-contrast microscopy. Put together, these two technologies allow scientists to capture...
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  • So you want to be an artist 1 and a new page JUST for comics

    So you want to be an artist 1 and a new page JUST for comics

    1 month ago - By Pascal Campion

    So you want to be an artist 1
    I finally started this new page I was talking about last week where I'll post only the comics I've done.
    I'll just post them one day at the time, maybe more but for now, that's the plan. There are over a hundred of them so that should keep me busy for a bit!
    I'm starting with the "So you want to be an Artist series"
    Oh.. the name of the new page is Pascalwithducks
    Funny, hu? That's because EVERYTHING else was taken in terms of name.
    If you guys have a better name, let me know, if not, I'm ok with that
    So.. VOILA!
    I'll probably post the strips here as...
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