• Uzbekistan Through The Lens of One of Its Only Street Photographers

    1 month ago - By Peta Pixel

    Anzor Salidjanov conducted an experiment in 2009 that changed his life. In the poky gallery within the ancient city of Bukhara where he sold “monotonous” paintings of “minarets, donkeys, and camel trains” to tourists, Salidjanov decided to hang a couple of his photographs.
    “The experiment inspired me,” he told RFE/RL , “because on the same day one of the photos was sold.”
    A rider gallops with the stuffed carcass of a goat during a game of buzkashi near Bukhara in 2019.
    Soon after that first sale, Salidjanov rented a small studio where he could make money from shooting passport photos and...
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