• This Photographer Sees Things in Bird Swarms

    9 monthes ago - By Peta Pixel

    Photographer Ariel Leshinsky of Beersheba, Israel, has spent a couple of years photographing starling murmurations, those mesmerizing, swarm-like flocks. But Leshinsky adds a dose of creativity: he aims to capture and select moments when the random swarms look like recognizable things... like the “seal” in the photo above.
    Here are some other “intricate shapes” Leshinsky has seen in murmurations:
    A cat walking away with its tail up
    An exclamation mark
    A donkey
    A paw print
    A person's side profile
    A dinosour
    “A starling murmuration is amazing to see,” Leshinsky tells PetaPixel. “I've been...
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