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PERSONAL BRANDING in 18C - GARDEN Conversation Pieces

Posted On: Sep 1, 2018   |   Posted By: It's About Time

PERSONAL BRANDING in 18C - GARDEN Conversation Pieces

Johann Zoffany (1733-1810) George Fitzgerald with His Sons George and Charles 1764. George Fitzgerald is seated wearing a blue coat & gold-edged red waistcoat, his 2 sons wearing brown coats & breeches, one flying a kite, a sculpture of the infant Hercules & the Serpent on a plinth to the left, a landscape beyond. There is a mention of kite flying in Greek literature in 14C BC. In 1295, European explorer Marco Polo documented the construction of kites & how to fly them. By the 16C, the popularity of kites grew enormously as literature publicized kites as children's toys. As the 18C approached kites entered the field of science, as kites were used as vehicles for scientific research. Just years before this painting, in 1752, Benjamin Franklin & his son William conducted an experiment using a kite flown in stormy weather to prove that lightning was indeed electricity.
According to the Tate, Zoffany was known primarily as a painter of portraits, conversation pieces & theatrical subjects. Zoffany was born...

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