• Artistic Integrity and Commercial Art

    7 monthes ago - By Gurney Journey

    S. H. R. Rjjal asks: "Mr. Gurney, what's your take on artistic integrity and commercial art? The original Harry Potter illustrator for instance does not own a single one of her work."
    Adolph Menzel, "The signal for war was thus given to Europe."
    Engraver: Unzelmann, Friedrich Ludwig
    Book: Die Werke Friedrichs des Großen, vol. 2
    Author: Volz, Gustav Berthold
    Publisher: Berlin : Reimar Hobbing , 1913 Dear S.H.R,
    Commissioned work doesn't have to be commercial. Just because you're paid to draw something doesn't mean you have to cynically crank it out. If you're going to do work on...
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